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The natural answer to PMS or Menopause.

Female Balance

60 Capsules

Female Balance is an effective and gentle herbal recipe that helps balance the female body to ease the unique, mild symptoms of PMS and Menopause.

Mediterranean women have used this natural recipe for more than 75 years with amazing success.

Customer Reviews


Cindy, AB, US

I'm 47 now. I suffered from many PMS symptoms for years. Not any more. Cleared up PMS and no signs of Menopause.Awesome product.

Shelley, AB, US

Since I started taking Female Balance suggested by my doctor, I have not looked back. It has improved my sleeping pattern tremendously during my cycle.

Carolyn , MT, US

Since menopause hit me, Female Balance has been a life saver! One pill twice a day has all but eliminated hot flashes.

Grisel, CA, US

I am grateful to God and PureTrim for this unique product, he has helped my daughters and me in our malaise, and with great confidence and discipline we started to take it and it is magnificent!

Jesse, CO, US

My hysterectomy, at 26yrs old, put me into surgical menopause. I spent the next 20+ yrs trying various natural remedies with little success. Within 10 days of starting this, my hot flashes are gone!

Real People, Real Results

"After starting Female Balance, my energy level has increased, I don't have hot flashes any more, I have a sense of well-being, I want to live again!"


"Within the first cycle, I noticed that 85 to 90% of my symptoms were gone. Female Balance has made my PMS symptoms a thing of the past."


"Within 24 hours, my hot flashes were reduced. My energy level started coming back. I can sleep at night. You will be really, really impressed."